Chef Services

Shelley offers a variety of services to save you time and make your life easier. Other than the menu service (below), all other services are quoted individually.

Home Meal Replacement Menu Service

Type of Service Number of Meals Price
5 x 4** 5 entrées, 4 servings each (20 meals) $325 + groceries
5 x 6 5 entrées, 6 servings each (30 meals) $350 + groceries
4 x 4 4 entrées, 4 servings each (16 meals) $275 + groceries
4 x 6 4 entrées, 6 servings each (24 meals) $300 + groceries
3 x 4 3 entrées, 4 servings each (12 meals) $225 + groceries
3 x 6 3 entrées, 6 servings each (18 meals) $250 + groceries

**Standard menu service

Number of entrées and servings can be customized upon request. All entrées include side dishes to compliment entrées or to "mix and match" with entrées. Prices include service fee only; groceries are separate and price will vary depending on menu and organic request.

  • initial consultation
  • menu planning
  • grocery shopping
  • in-home meal preparation
  • portioning and packaging
  • labeling w/reheating instructions
  • kitchen cleanup

Additional charges may apply for extra portions or side dishes, special diets, special packaging or special requests. Meals can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days or frozen for future consumption.

Signature Cheesecakes

Shelley specializes in hand-crafted cheesecakes (gluten free available), including Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Toasted Almond Amaretto, Coconut Chocolate Rum, Key Lime, Pumpkin, Cranberry-Orange White Chocolate and many more. They freeze well and taste just as good after having been frozen. Serves 10-12.

Special and Restricted Diets

Whether you're on a low-sodium, sugar-free, gluten-free or otherwise restrictive diet, Shelley will prepare specialized meals to meet your needs.

Paleo? Keto? Weight Watchers? Shelley will prepare meals for these special diets as well.

Grocery Shopping

Too busy to do the weekly grocery shopping? Just prepare your grocery list and Shelley will do the shopping for you, selecting the freshest ingredients at the best prices. Or Shelley can accompany you or someone else in your household and teach you where and how to shop for specific items, as well as and how to pick the freshest ingredients. Shelley is very familiar with gluten-free products and has her own list of favorites that she can share. No chef service purchase necessary; grocery shopping service charge only.

Contact Shelley for a free consultation.